Our company, established in 1987, conducting the trade of coating leather has took the first step in behalf of progress within production sector by establishing the tanning facilities in Uşak by the desire to present always the best as well as to be able to better reply customer demands with the entrepreneurial spirit of the company starting with turning its direction to leather sector by the awareness of great demand in this sector.

Marmara leather leading the sector with its strong, aesthetical and modern presentations prepared every year has demonstrated its entrepreneurial spirit once more by moving to its new production facilities with European Standards located in Çorlu Organized Industrial Leather zone in 2004.

Today the company became a well known name of success and devoutness with its ability to supply the demanded products to the well known and reputable boutiques of the world on time and without problem with its capacity of employment, clothing fur and Napa leather production, professional staff serving in R&D.